stop motion
by Anastasiia Falileieva
animated short film
The young successful screenwriter Kio is experiencing a creative crisis and self-disappointment. Tired of unsuccessfully fighting against superstitions, expectations, and unrealistic demands on himself, he decides to turn to a local fortune-teller for advice. Instead, he gets only the keys to the old motorcycle...
about film
Basic information
The concept of the film
title Divination
director Anastasiia Falileieva
producer Michael Margulis
production studio KAPI
countries Ukraine, Germany
format stop motion animation
target audience 16-30
stage of the project development
"Divination" is not an entertaining product. We decided to take up a serious topic, which, in our opinion, should be reflected in society - anxious, obsessive states in young people; the problem of self-actualization and success. Usually, it’s difficult or embarrassing to talk about such things. In the moments, when it seems that both the inner and outer worlds are falling apart, a person feels very lonely, devalues oneself and one’s achievements, even humiliates. It seems to one that (s)he is just nothing, incapable of anything in this life. We want to tell about it. And to show what a great power we hold inside us. The project creates by a young person for young people on a topic that is extremely relevant for the younger generation. There is no mentorship and indulgence in narrative because the
story is told by a person who experiences now the same things as other people her age. The film does not provide answers - transparent, unambiguous - but provokes to sit down and talk to yourself; provokes to think, to draw own conclusions, then to form own sense. A distinctive feature of the film is that the director builds an animated world from junk - cardboard boxes, bottles, sticks, pieces of jewelry and souvenirs, scraps of fabric and paper, old packaging. At the same time, she skillfully hides it in the shot so that we don't even recognize initial purpose of the stuff. In this way, you can turn junk into art and not produce garbage, but on the contrary - to give these things an unexpected second life. In addition to the ecological significance, this approach makes the film unique visually.
Kio is a 26-year old successful screenwriter who feels that he’s stuck in his career. He tries to protect himself from criticism and other people's opinion. He might afraid not to be the best – neither for others nor for himself.

He thinks that he’s a highly rational and pragmatic person, but in despair, he goes to the fortune-teller for advice.
The fortune-teller is a woman much older than Kio. Her manner to speak is mysterious and expressive. She is chatty and a bit clumsy. When you look at her, you are not afraid, but see the eagerness to help. Her power is not in tarot cards but her wisdom.
Looking for the answer everywhere
Director, stop-motion animator, VJ artist.

She has learned stop-motion animation from the famous Ukrainian puppet master Oleh Pedan, while was attending his course at Kyiv University of Cinema and Broadcasting (2016-2020).

In 2019, she released her debut short animated film Until It Turns Black. The film succeeded at film festivals all around the world (REX, Monstra, Odessa IFF, Linoleum, Animax Skopje, and others). It has won 4 Awards and two Special Jury Mentions. Until It Turns Black was nominated for the “Kinokolo: the Ukrainian Film Critics' Award" as the Best Animated Short of 2019.

In 2020, the project of the Anastasiia's short animated film in collaboration with the studio
KAPI Tiger is Strolling Around won the pitching of the Ukrainian State Film Agency hence received financial support from the institution.

In 2021, the film Tiger is Strolling Around was selected for the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, LA Shorts International Film Festival, Montevideo World Film Festival, Odessa International Film Festival, LINOLEUM Animation Festival, Golden Short Film Festival, ZIFF, Kinokolo, Bardak Film Fest, Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Kamianets-Podilsky International Film Festival BRUKIVKA so far.

The most recent Anastasiia's short film was released in autumn 2021. It is dedicated to the attentive teacher and outstanding puppeteer Oleh Pedan who passed away in 2020.
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