Studio KAPI and Anastasiia Falileieva have started working on the new film

Studio KAPI and director Anastasia Falileeva are developing the concept of a new animated short film in the technique of stop motion – "Divination". The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

It is a story about the young successful screenwriter Kio who is experiencing a creative crisis and self-disappointment. Tired of unsuccessfully fighting against superstitions, expectations, and unrealistic demands on himself, he decides to turn to a local fortune-teller for advice. Instead, he gets only the keys to the old motorcycle...

"I seek ways how to turn this complex and painful story into a mysterious adventure through the labyrinths of the hero's consciousness. So the theme does not frighten the viewer but leads deeper into the whirlpool of curiosities of the fortune teller's world and gives sobriety to the eye through the hero Kio. So we would like to look even further and continue to explore ourselves with new strength after watching the film", Anastasiia said.

A distinctive feature of the film is that the director builds an animated world from junk - cardboard boxes, bottles, sticks, pieces of jewelry and souvenirs, scraps of fabric and paper, old packaging. At the same time, she skillfully hides it in the shot so that we don't even recognize the initial purpose of the stuff. In this way, you can turn junk into art and not produce garbage, but on the contrary - to give these things an unexpected second life.

In addition to the ecological significance, this approach makes the film unique visually.

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